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"In side"

Javier Ocampo

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mixed pale

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On a large LED wall located near the Lincoln Center in New York, artist John Gerrard is showing Solar Reserve, a realistic video game type of art that shows computer-generated images of a Nevada solar thermal power plant and its surrounding desert landscape. The dizzying world includes a tower that’s surrounded by 10,000 mirrors that adjust their positions in real-time according to the location of the sun.

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IR, 2013 | by Yiu Yu Hoi

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Portraits, 2014 | by Théo Gosselin

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Transition (reprocessed)

In our busy world illuminated by manufactured light, the stars fade away. Out here, the sky is clear. Far from the busy highways, the stillness and silence is broken only by the muttering I make as I pull barbed spines out of my skin.

Joshua Tree National Park, California

oh man

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